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Resilience in Exponential Change – Workshop Beanspruchen

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Resilience in Exponential Change

Re-centre Yourself; Anytime, Anywhere.

Not just disruptive, change is exponential. 

Under duress? Unfortunately, we seldom rise to the level of expectation. Rather we fall to the level of our practice. 

How can we build a suitable practice that fits our busy lives?

Join this experiential workshop to learn practical approaches you can immediately integrate into your daily routine.

Never look at everyday items the same again. 

Get deep insight, build new habit patterns – and have FUN while you’re at it. 

„The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now“ – Chinese Proverb

17:00 – Registration

17:30 – Welcome and introduction

18:00 – What we can learn from Water

18:20 – What we can learn from our Body Memory

18:40 – What we can learn from a Wheel 

19:00 – Closing conversation

19:30 – End

About Selena: Leadership Advisor and Integral Coach,  

The Professional Line: Selena Teo Betton is a Certified ICF Coach and Leadership AdvisorA psychometric assessor on cognition, motivation and values and trained in the psychoanalytical approach, for the past 20+ years she worked in Fortune 500 companies across Singapore, Australia, UK, US, Japan, India and now Switzerland – from banking, manufacturing and professional services. 

The Personal Line: A global nomad and lifelong explorer, Selena’s quest is to spark a movement for people to Connect, Create, Contribute, ‚anywhere, anytime‘. From Awareness – to Action.

  • Datum von 27/03/2018
  • Datum bis 27/03/2018
  • Uhrzeit von 17:00
  • Uhrzeit bis 19:30

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